CAVA offers courses in a wide variety of fields including basic and advanced conventional make-up as well as Programs like basic and advnaced airbrush, and multimedia make-up as part of the initial courses available. In addition to this, personality development and photography classes will aslo be made available soon. Because at CAVA, we only provide the best.


Course 1: Fundamentals of Beauty Make-up

This course deals with the basics of beauty make-up, needed for anyone

who wants to be a professional make-up artist. It will include:

  • Function of each Make-up Brush
  • Color Theory
  • Importance of Base Matching
  • Correction and Concealing Techniques
  • Eye and Lip Treatments
  • Appropriate Make-up for a Specific Events
  • Introduction to Wedding Make-up
  • Introduction to Avantgarde Make-up
  • Introduction to Photography Make-up

Total Number of Clock Hours: 40

Course 2: Advanced Beauty Make-up

Course 2 will consist of more intricate topics on beauty and make-up

application for those who are already mastered the fundamentals of makeup.

  • The course will cover make-up looks for:
  • Print Photography
  • Speed & precision make-up for Fashion Shows
  • Period Makeup

Total Number of Clock Hours: 30


This program is all about the intricate art of airbrush make-up, one of the

most recent must-have for any professional make-up artist. The program

will cover:

  • Benefits of using Airbrush Make-up
  • Techniques in Applying Airbrush Make-up
  • Maintenance and Cleaning of Airbrush Gun and Compressor
  • Introduction to Bridal Airbrush Make-up

Total Number of Clock Hours: 8

This program will tackle different looks that an artist can achieve using

airbrush make-up. The program will cover:

  • Bridal Airbrush Make-up
  • Avantgarde Looks using Airbrush Make-up
  • Tattoo Cover Up using Airbrush Make-up

Total Number of Clock Hours: 8

Our courses are specifically designed in such a way that students will get the complete make-up experience out of each class. There is a combination of lecture, demonstration, as well as hands-on activities to allow the students to gain first-hand experience of the applications discussed. 

We at CAVA, emphasize the need for research and preparation, which we have concretized in the form of assignments and lab sessions required from each student. We pride ourselves on knowing that every student, no matter his or her learning style, will not only build a solid foundation for each topic but will also be able to master the skills they’ve acquired after each class.